A way to state what exceptions a delegate passed as a parameter can throw

Given the following method: public static void DoAction(Action action) { action(); } Exceptional is telling me that an exception System.Exception should be documented because action may thr...

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Exceptions thrown from code contracts

It'd be very useful if Exceptional could also recognize these, in cases like (the code I'm looking at now): public static Action WithFailFast ([NotNull] this Action action) { Contract.R...

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"Include caught as inner" fails if inner is not last argument

Consider: catch (Exception e) { throw new OuterException(e, "Foo"); } Here Exceptional suggests CA "Include caught exception as inner exception" which incorrectly appends x to the end of the arg...

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Aggregate multiple ArgumentNullExceptions into one

Implement analyzer and quickfix to aggregate multiple ArgumentNullExceptions into one: This should be transformed from... /// <exception cref="ArgumentNullException"><paramref name="a"/> is <see ...

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Don't suggest documenting exceptions in unit test code

I'd like to tell Exceptional to disable processing on any classes that have the [NUnit.Framework.TestFixture] attribute.

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Consider possible exceptions when using keywords

This code sample, while obviously throwing a NullReferenceException, does not trigger any form of warning or quick fix from Exceptional. var s = (IEnumerable)null; foreach (var e in s) {} Exceptio...

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Disable once comment not analyzed properly

The comment is not always correctly analyzed: Sometimes it works sometimes it does not work...

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Create icons

Sizes: 128x128: For the R# download page and the plugin package 16x16: For the R# options dialog (generic one already available)

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Suppress exceptions with comment

Sometimes exceptions are never thrown or should net be caught by the caller. As example Thread.Sleep(100) Or if(something != null) { WillThrowArgumentNullException(something) } If have already ...

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Show issues for method calls with unfixed issues.

Consider the following piece of code: public class MyClass { public int MethodA() { MethodB(); // Issue not detected. throw new ArgumentException(); // Issue detected. } public int MethodB...

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