Exceptional v0.7.3.0 (ReSharper 8.2 and 9.1)

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Released: Feb 23, 2015
Updated: Apr 15, 2015 by rsuter
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Release Notes

The newest version can be directly installed via the ReSharper extension manager in Visual Studio.

Please review this extension if you like it...


Requires ReSharper v8.2 or v9
  • Open the ReSharper menu in Visual Studio and select Extension Manager...
  • Search for Exceptional and install the extension
Open the menu ReSharper / Options... / Exceptional to configure the extension.

Check out the extension in the ReSharper plugin gallery:


Changes in v0.7.3.0
  • Now supporting ReSharper v9.1

Changes in v0.7.2.0
  • https://exceptional.codeplex.com/workitem/11010
  • https://exceptional.codeplex.com/workitem/11011
  • https://exceptional.codeplex.com/workitem/11012
  • https://exceptional.codeplex.com/workitem/11005
  • https://exceptional.codeplex.com/workitem/11007

Changes in v0.7.0.0 & v0.7.1.0
  • Possibility to document the affected accessor of an exception thrown from a property or indexer

Changes in v0.6.9.0
  • Event registration and deregistration now analyzed correctly

Changes in v0.6.7.0 & v0.6.8.0
  • Property invocations now analyzed properly
  • Indexer invocations now analyzed properly
  • Updated highlighting strings

Changes in v0.6.6.0
  • Properties are not correctly analyzed
  • Added new default optional exceptions

Breaking changes in v0.6.3.0 & v0.6.4.0 & 0.6.5
Changes in v0.6.2.0
  • Fixed problems when analyzing delegates and anonymous methods

Changes in v0.6.1.0
  • Added support for ReSharper 9, please report any problems

Changes in v0.5.14
  • Fixed: Indexers are now also analyzed
  • Fixed: Thrown exceptions in anonymous delegates are now optional

Changes in v0.5.13
  • Fixed: Some minor bug fixes
  • Added: Now inserting enhanced description of ArgumentNullException.

Changes in v0.5.12
  • Fixed: Optional properties are now handled correctly

Changes in v0.5.11
  • Fixed: Exceptions of constructor invocations now detected
  • Added: Inspections can now be configured
  • Fixed: Property exceptions now handled correctly

Changes in v0.5.10
  • Fixed: Exceptions on base constructors now analyzed correctly

Changes in v0.5.9
  • Fixed: Detecting exceptions on delegate invocations

Changes in v0.5.8
  • Fixed: Correct warnings on list invocations
  • Fixed: Correct warnings on interfaces and abstract methods

Changes in v0.5.7
  • Added: Event invocations may throw exception
  • Fixed: Warnings on reference expressions

Changes in v0.5.6
  • Fixed: Remove documentation regex fixed
  • Added: Check for not recommended System.Exception throw
  • Added: Added more options

Changes in v0.5.5
  • Fixed: Removing exception documentation with self-closed tag now working correclty
  • Fixed: Various wrong or missing warnings within catch clauses

Changes in v0.5.4
  • Fixed: Parsing and editing of XML documentation now working correctly when changing documentation
  • Fixed: Inserting documentation from external method/property now inserts correct description
  • Fixed: Now also analyzing constructors
  • Other bug fixes

Changes in v0.5.3
  • Fixed: Wrong insertion of XML documentation when class contains an event

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