Resharper 6.1 and generic exceptions

May 25, 2012 at 3:21 PM

Hey!  First off, excellent plug-in! :)

I downloaded the ReSharper 6.1 SDK and got a recompiled version working with the latest R# in no-time.  Excellent work!

I have a question for you though that I'm having trouble figuring out -- Exceptional doesn't seem to handle generic exceptions at all.  For instance, if I have this exception:

public class FaultReasonException : where T : Exception

and if I then throw that in another method:

throw new FaultReasonException();

and if I proper document it:

/// <exception cref="FaultReasonException{ArgumentFault}">Thrown when any of the required parameter <paramref name="currentUserTimeZoneInfo"/> is not supplied</exception>

Exception doesn't understand that it's properly covered.  When I attempt to have it automatically insert it, it puts FaultReasonException in an exception block, missing it's type parameters and the curly brace notation used to document generic arguments in XMLDOC comments.

I mucked around with this a bit in source but can't get it working either.  Thoughts?